Denis Stilke

24 Duets for ONE Marimba

level of difficulty: easy to medium
BOOK, 112 pages, incl. CD
with 24 illustrations by Aljen
Text: english/german

Catalog No.: cm 60125
ISBN 978-3-940161-24-6
€ 24.00
The marimba (sometimes referred to as the “marimbaphone”) is a wonderful and fascinating instrument.
Here you are invited to explore the many ways in which it can be played. Utilizing some basic ideas and techniques you can already make music on the marimba. This book approaches playing the marimba with exactly this concept in mind. The pieces present a wide range of styles, from easy classical melodies,
to grooving Latin music, to Jazz/Blues, to minimalism, leaving room for improvisation. The use of mixed and odd meters is also explored.
The duos are intended not only for mallet specialists but also to diversify the lessons of drumset and percussion students. All parts are written for two mallets; those students who already use four mallets can definitely experiment with making four mallet versions of the pieces on their own. In order to get the right feeling for the music, each piece has a small description and suggestions on how to play it.
Recordings of all of the duos are on the included CD, some of them with additional PLAY-ALONGS.

The main focus of this book is the “dialogue” between the voices, especially the experience of
playing together, listening and communicating with each other.

The combination of these special pieces and the illustrations by Aljen makes this book into a truly
artistic piece of work.


Listen to the musicians who have already tried out MarimbaMagic

"MarimbaMagic should be in every percussion room!! It has something for all levels and it is fun to play! It gives the students ensemble experience from day one!! Thanks, Denis, for a fantastic book!!“
Anders Åstrand, Sweden, Mallet artist, clinician, and composer

"MarimbaMagic is a wonderfully imaginative and infectious book for our beginner Marimbists. It brings art, words and music together in a simple yet arresting way to allow endless fun and creativity to blossom."
Dame Evelyn Glennie, United Kingdom, Solo percussionist and composer

"MarimbaMagic is a much welcome addition to the marimba literature. It is a great idea to have duets that can be performed on the same marimba. The music is well-written, well-balanced and the level of difficulty changes gradually. The included CD helps a lot in the learning process and the drawings make the book an entirely fun experience. It is a great pedagogical tool and should be a "must have book" for any student, and teachers as well."
Ney Rosauro, USA/Brazil, Marimbist, percussionist, composer, and pedagogue

"Wow! This is a really fun book for beginners! Lots of lyrical and cool groovy music! You can experience many different styles of music in one book!
Nanae Mimura, Japan, Marimbist

"I have never seen such a useful marimba duet book. The more you play the pieces in this book, the more you will get musicality, grooveness, and communication skills. By the time you finish the last piece of this book, you will definitely become a Marimba Magician."
Setsuko Kutsuno, Japan/USA, Marimbist, performer, and teacher

”Excellent book with great original compositions that will penetrate your students ears with facility..a needed resource to the literature of the percussion field. Excellent quality recording! MarimbaMagic will be on my top 5 teaching books. Bravo!”
Orlando Cotto, USA/Puerto Rico, Solo marimbist, percussionist, and pedagogue

"I am very excited to discover a book full of marimba duets. Students’ favorite lessons are when they can play with their teacher. MarimbaMagic is a treasure for upcoming marimba stars.“
Fumito Nunoya, Germany/Japan, Korogi Marimba Artist, Marimba Instructor at Hochschule für Musik Detmold

"MarimbaMagic is an excellent and much-needed resource for developing musical interest and skills among beginning and intermediate players. The variety of styles and settings, the ease of instrumentation, and the play-along CD will all go far to both entice and reward developing marimbists. Congratulations!“
William Moersch, USA, Associate Professor and Chair of Percussion, University of Illinois

“Denis Stilke's MarimbaMagic is an excellent book for developing marimba players. The duets are creative and engaging. Denis Stilke has done an excellent job of creating fun pieces that work as duets for less experienced players, or solos for those looking for something more challenging. The layout is clear, the font is readable, and the book is sturdy. I will be using this with my students in the coming years and I highly recommend it.“
Payton MacDonald, USA, Marimbist, composer, professor of music at William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey

"Marimba Magic is an excellent collection of works for marimba students playing duets on one marimba. It is very good for sight reading. The students will have great fun working their way through this book."
Kai Stensgaard, Denmark, Solo marimbist

"This is a great book that can help marimba players develop their musicianship from the beginning in a very natural way. Through simple harmonic concepts and singable melodic lines, each student is called to focus on producing a clear sound. Throughout the book, one is challenged by different styles, tempos, rhythmic feels, keys, and also creative improvisational parts and settings. It is a great method for an amusing and natural learning process in playing this unusual instrument."
Ludmila Štefániková, Slovakia/USA, Vibraphonist, vocalist and composer

"It is a fun yet challenging book that exposes students to a wide variety of techniques and styles. This is the book we have all been longing for, and now it's here!"
Naoko Takada USA/Japan, Marimba soloist

”MarimbaMagic is an excellent resource for beginning and intermediate level marimbists, as well as for more advanced players looking for fun sight-reading material. The pieces are wonderfully practical, fitting on one 4.3 octave instrument, and the play-along tracks make it a snap to keep young students engaged.”
Samuel Z. Solomon, USA, Boston Conservatory, Boston University

"The MarimbaMagic collection offers beginning as well as intermediate marimba players many fun opportunities to sight-read and perform with a partner ( or with the CD ) — which are very valuable experiences! The light, playful style of many of the pieces are likely to add to the enjoyment.”
Nancy Zeltsman, USA, Marimba performer and teacher

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